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 3D Printers

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Real 3D models you can hold, discuss and test.

Imagine capturing an idea with your CAD program, then
holding a functional model of it a few hours later. Thatís the power of Dimension 3D printers.
More real than a simulation. Dimension 3D printers accelerate your design process by producing functional models that perform just like the final part.

The most complex, most durable models.

If you can design it with 3D CAD, a Dimension 3D printer can print it with ABSplus, a production-grade thermoplastic.
Models printed with Dimension 3D printers have customer-proven toughness Ė from commercial sprayers tested at pressures up to 60 psi, to final parts on M1 tanks normally machined in aircraft-grade aluminium.

Design new products with confidence.

Dimension 3D printers help you accurately test the form, fit and function of new products, so you can correct errors before committing to the cost of full production. And since Dimension 3D printers print models right in your office, itís a lot easier to keep new products confidential.





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C-CAD are a leading HP authorised reseller for the full range of Hewlett Packard Inkjet, Laserjet and All-In-One printers and the full range of large format DesignJet plotters including: (click on title for data sheet)


HP Designjet 111 Series
For: office documents, technical drawings
Model size 61cm, (24 in)
64 GB memory
4 ink cartridges
Dye-based colour (C,M,Y); pigment-based (K)15.2 m, (50 ft) maximum roll length


HP Designjet 510 Series
For: line drawings; renderings; office graphics
Model size 610 mm, (24 in); 1067 mm, (42 in)
160 MB memory upgradeable to 416 MB
4 ink cartridges
Dye-based colour (C,M,Y); pigment-based black (K)
Unlimited maximum roll length (depends on media)


HP Designjet T1200 Series
For: line drawings; renderings; maps; posters
Model size 1118mm, (44 in)
32GB dedicated file processing memory
6 ink cartridges
Dye-based (C,M,Y,G,PK) pigment-based MK
91.4 m, (300 ft) maximum roll length


HP Designjet T770 Series
For: line drawings, posters, maps, presentations
Model size: 61 cm, (24 in); 111.8 cm, (44 in)
8 GB file processing memory; 160GB hard disk
6 ink cartridges
Dye-based (C,M,Y,G,PK) pigment-based MK
91.4 m, (300 ft) maximum roll length

  • Central file storage.
  • Networked printing.
  • Data backup systems.
  • Companywide Internet & Email.
  • Monitored Internet usage.
  • Virus Protection and Firewall.
  • Remote access - work away from office.
  • Cisco and 3COM switches and routers.
  • Wireless Networking.
  • Network Cabling
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